Photo: Shelley Paulson



Jessica Farren is a photographer living in the Seattle area specializing in photographing the human-horse connection.

Jessica’s love for photographing horses began while volunteering at Save A Forgotten Equine horse rescue, it is there she began honing her skills and discovered her talent for capturing the depth and inner beauty of horses and the bond they share with their human caretakers.

Self-taught Jessica is very intuitive in her use of light and shadow to bring out the best in her subjects, through her lens she has the innate ability to capture the soul and spirit of horses.

Artist's Statement

Hello, welcome to Jessica Farren Photography. So happy you found me and are taking the first step toward a completely custom photo session with your equine partner.

I have loved art and horses for as long as I can remember, when I picked up a camera to photograph horses I knew I had found my passion and life’s work. It is an amazing tool for capturing the unique moments that happen between horses and their human partners.

Seattle is where I make my home with my husband, son, 2 cats and beautiful mustang Liberty. On the days I am not working you will find me with a camera in one hand and Liberty in the other, she is my muse and favorite equine model.

As someone who feels a connection to their own horse and cherishes the memories I have of the time we spend together; I fully understand how deep your bond is with your own horse and as your photographer I will capture the connection to give you tangible memories to see, hold and treasure.