Jessica’s warmth, technical expertise and devotion to her work is evident in every image. Over the years, she has created vibrant, elegant and touching images for my website and clients. In every sitting, it is easy to find photos that capture the devotion and affection we have for our dogs and horses. She is a delight to work with. I strongly recommend Jessica and look forward to working with her again.
— Karen Moore, Trainer/Owner, Pacific Moon Dressage

I am privileged to have seen Jessica develop her immense talent and skills for the last few years. If you see her around horses, her connection with them is unmistakable - she has a truly extraordinary ability to feel, see, and understand the invisible magic that happens behind a horse’s eyes, and in the connection we feel and share with our horses. How she manages to reveal and preserve that magic in images, I have no clue - but there it is, photo after photo - the love, the humor, the personality, the relationship.
Her images are arresting and unique because they are technically gorgeous, but mostly because they are so alive. She is a treasure as a person, and as a professional, she’s without peer, in my opinion. Anyone can take a nice photo of a horse - Jessica captures MY horse, and the life we share.
— Laura K Mc Corkle

Here at SAFE Horse Rescue, we are so fortunate to be able to share the inner and outer beauty of our horses through the lens of Jessica’s camera. She is an incredibly gifted artist with an uncanny ability to capture the delicate emotions of the horse-human bond. Her work leaves us breathless, over and over again.  
— Bonnie Hammond, SAFE | Save a Forgotten Equine

If you really want to see the relationship you have with your horse, you should let Jessica take the pictures. She’s incredibly gifted when it comes to photography, a master with natural light and working with horses. She captures the most incredible moments and you don’t even know she’s doing it. In addition to her talent, she’s wonderful around the horses—quiet and gentle, they almost seem drawn to her at times. I find watching her work fascinating, it’s like something comes over her and she’s all of a sudden picking out her locations, checking the light, visualizing the images in her head, and all the while speaking with her clients about what they want, as well as giving them ideas. She carries a camera. No lights, reflectors, flags... She’s amazing. You will never be disappointed with the imagery she takes, it’s gorgeous.
— Barbara Ferderer

Jessica has a special way of capturing the soul of her subjects.  I am always in awe of how wonderful her photos are and how beautiful her aesthetic is.  Jessica is not afraid to get down on the ground, up on a ladder, or any other uncomfortable position to get just the right shot.  The photos Jessica Farren has captured of my beloved horses, donkeys, cats, and dog whether with me or alone are memories I treasure and truly enjoy sharing.   Black Horse Farm cannot recommend Jessica Farren Photography highly enough!
— Heather Andreini